Sunday, February 26, 2012

Live Oscar Blog *updated throughout evening*

Away we go...

First two awards for Cinematography and Art Design go to Hugo. Is there a sweep coming??? HMMM...

THE ARTIST wins for costumes!!! Yes! Things are starting to get interesting.

Makeup goes to Iron Lady. Ughhh well I suppose if it has to win something...

A Seperation wins Best Foreign Feature. Can't wait to see this film.

Best Supporting Actress... Just give it to Octavia already

Albert Nobbs- "Just a big lez fest"

Octavia Spencer wins Best Supporting Actress!

I can't wait to hear her speech! Very excited for Octavia!

Well Octavia's speech left something to be desired. She was a bit too overcome. Hopefully Viola will give us a more memorable one later.

Loved the Christopher Guest Gang's Oz bit.

Dragon Tattoo gets a surprise Editing win. Nice!

Hugo for Sound editing. I predict Team Hugo is on the road to taking all of the major tech awards

Hugo wins again.. I'm seeing a pattern. Sound mixing. Let's get this technical stuff out of the way. PLEASE!

Kermit and piggy introducing Cirque Du Soleil movie tribute.

This is bizarre. So strange. This has nothing to do with movies. Cirque Disaster.

Paltrow and Downy Jr. Not loving these skits. On with the Awards please.

Undefeated wins Best Doc Feature... I've never heard of it. Looks sporty.

Predicting Rango...

Rango wins Best Animated Feature.. Love this quirky movie.

Emma Stone what ARE you doing???

I'm embarrassed for her. Is she drunk?

Hugo will win Special FX...

Would love Apes to win FX

Hugo for FX. Shocking. Good for them though. Beautiful film. Will Scorsese pull an upset for Best Director?

Melissa Leo is a nut. Love her. She does seem better behaved than last year. No bleeps yet.

Christopher Plummer best supporting actor. So classy.

Boring part. Shut up AAMPAS man... Every year with the same old spiel!

The Artist for Best Score? Hope so though I did love the Score for War Horse

Ludovic Bource wins Best Score for The Artist! Yes!!!

Best Song. Man or Muppet please.

No Best Song performances. Bummer.

Yes!!! Man or Muppet wins!

I adore that Kiwi. Congrats Bret!

Here come Screenplay awards... Midnight in Paris and Descendants please

Descendants gets best adapted. Wonderful screenplay. Quirky gang of writers. I approve.

I love these artsy paper cut out motifs for nominees

Woody Allen wins it deservedly. Maddie is devastated Bridesmaids lost. Wish Woody would have shown up. Disappointed.

Shorts... didn't do my research on these. What have I learned from this category??? ROSE BYRNE IS BRITISH! WHAT?!?

"Flying Books" looks magical.

Acting Awards Viola and Jean please. DIRECTOR- Scorsese or Hazanavicius? Love them both.

And it goes Hazanavicius! So happy for him.

Great speech. Nicely done Michel! You can tell he's a class act. I just know it.

Governor's Awards segment... Meh get to the big awards!

Oh Oprah... I do love that Woman even as she eats up time I'd rather see used for other awards.

Whitney Houston didn't get a soundbyte on In Memorium. Kissmyassss!!!

Precious star Gabourey Sidibe is auditioning for the Broadway revival of Annie apparently. Fix. Your. Hair.

Lead Actor awards. Please don't let Meryl win for mediocrity... fingers crossed for Viola

Jean Dujardin is just so handsome...

Brad Pitt looks greasy tonight.

Jean Dujardin wins it and my spirits soar. Speech speech!!!

Great speech. Homely wife. Damn, he's handsome.

I'm loving Ellen's commercials... totally of topic. Onto best actress!

Viola looks stunning

No. No. No. What? Meryl? Best Actress?!? Really? Yes, you did read our minds- We are groaning here at home.

I love you but no.




Congrats on the Lifetime Achievement Award Meryl Streep.

And the award for Best Picture goes to The Artist... I mean right?

Did somebody boo "Extremely Loud...?" I hope so.

The award goes to...

The Artist! Wonderful!!! :)

That being said, I will always remember this as the year Meryl stole Viola's Oscar.

Uggie is onstage. I love it.

Decent show. Fairly predictable. Happy Oscars! Thanks to my viewing buddy Maddie. Night all.

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